Waxing Services

Beautiful, Silky Smooth Skin

Image Nails & Spa offers a full range of waxing services so that you can enjoy beautiful, Silky smooth skin. Rejuvenate your skin care routine with a flawless and stress-free for up to six weeks.

As with all our other services we ensure the highest standards of sanitation for all of our equipment and make sure all instruments are sterilized before any intervention.

Our wax treatment technicians take the utmost care to protect the health and elasticity of the skin. The wax is applied warm, then removed gently, leaving skin absolutely smooth. This refined waxing  is comfortable and result-oriented.

More effective than shaving, waxing is one of the most popular hair removal treatments, targeting areas such as the legs, underarms and bikini line. Not for the overly sensitive, a waxing session may make you wince – but trust us, that super smooth skin will be worth it.

During your waxing treatment you will be asked to lie down on a treatment bed. Your therapist will use a spatula to apply the wax to your skin, spreading it evenly over the area to be treated. Our technicians will then smooth on a paper or cloth waxing strip, before quickly pulling it off again, taking the hair with it.

Whether you are looking to de-fuzz your legs, bikini line, underarms, back, chest or any other part of your body, waxing is an efficient solution. Kinder on the skin than shaving, there’ll be no stubble rash, and the results will last for longer – so you don’t have to be constantly worrying about that regrowth.

Please Note: We regret that waxing services cannot be performed on clients using Retin A or taking the Rx Accutane, or have had recent use of Ultra Violet tanning beds, or you have had recent microdermabrasion and / or chemical peel treatments. These services dramatically change & thin the natural protective barrier of your skin. Waxing services would be too aggressive and may cause your skin to lift, possibly causing unsightly scarring.