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Equisitely Crafted Just For You

Toss that mascara away for good and never struggle with strip lashes again.

Do you desire fuller natural looking lashes? Just as your eye color is unique to you, so are your eyelashes. At Image Nails & Spa, our Lash Artists will help you create your personal eyelash extensions look—from  fine and feathery to thick and glam and everything in-between. Let us help you bring out your best look! This is a popular, painless and relaxing procedure done by an experienced professional in the span of about an hour or two.

Eyelash Extensions give lengths and thickness to your natural eyelashes which enhances the appeal of your eyes. Eyelash extensions need to be applied professionally to blend with your natural eyelashes. Every lash appointment ends with a review of lash aftercare to ensure that your lashes stay strong and healthy.

For special occasion, everyday wear, or for natural look and feel, eyelash extensions are the way to give your natural eyelash great extensions with a natural look.

Now you can wake up with the lashes of your dreams every single day. 

*Please note that our refills are based on the amount of lashes applied. The time quoted is approximate, your refill may take slightly more, or slightly less time to complete. 

Eyelash Extensions Service FAQ

It's Easier Than You Think

After a consultation with your lash technician, you will lie down on the lash bed with your eyes closed. Your lash technician will carefully secure your eyes closed using gentle, medical tape and a lint free, moisturizing under eye patch. She will then cleanse and prime your lashes to ensure that they are free of oils and other product. Once all the prep work is complete, your technician will use specially designed tweezers to isolate one, single eyelash. She will use her other set of tweezers to pick up one single eyelash extension and dip it into the lash adhesive. This single lash extension is then applied to the isolated natural lash about 1mm from the "root" so the glue never touches your skin. She will hold the lash in place for a few moments while the adhesive sets before continuing with this process, moving between eyes, until the desired fullness and style are achieved.

Since the lash extensions are adhered to a single lash, we can only apply as many lash extensions as you have natural lashes. If you only have 20 healthy natural lashes, we can only apply 20 individual lash extensions to your eyes. 

There are definitely some major differences between Individual lash extensions and Cluster (or flare) lash enhancements. It is important to know the differences so you can choose the appropriate type for you. 

Individual lash extensions are a single lash extension applied to a single natural eyelash. Flare lashes are a bundle of 3 lashes, bound together at one end in a "v" shape, applied to one natural eyelash. This means that there is a noticeable difference in the weight and stress put on your natural lash, with the flare lashes being heavier. 

Individual lashes do not interfere with your natural lash shedding cycle as they are individually applied to each lash, cluster or flare lashes can occasionally touch additional lashes and are a greater risk for irritation or disrupting the natural lash cycle by pulling or tugging on surrounding lashes. 

Individual lash extensions follow your lash cycle and are shed with your natural lash. Flare lashes will last between 72 hours and 1 week depending on care and maintenance. When they fall off or are shed they are much more noticeable because you are losing 3 lashes rather than 1. 

If a client's lashes are already sparse, individual lash extensions may not give them the fullness they desire as only 1 extensions is being applied to one natural lash. Since flare lashes are a cluster of 3 extensions applied to one lash, they can give the illusion of a much fuller lash line... however if a clients lashes are thin or brittle, we do not recommend having flares applied as they are heavier and your natural lashes may not be able to sustain the weight. 

We always recommend having individual lash extensions rather than flares/clusters as they are healthier for your natural eyelashes, look and feel more natural and last longer. Flares are really just for temporary wear, weekend in vegas type situations. Occasionally your lash technician may incorporate a couple flares in with your individual lashes if you have any sparse areas that need filling in. 

Your lash extensions follow your natural lash shedding cycle.  While everyone’s lash cycle is different, it is usually between 4-6 weeks for a lash to complete its full cycle. We only apply extensions to lashes that are past their infant + growth stages (as not to disrupt the growth of your natural lashes) so this means that the lashes extensions are applied to have between 1-4 weeks before naturally being shed, and taking your lash extension with it. 

While you may want the thickest, longest lashes available; our technicians are trained to make a suggestion based on what is healthiest for your natural lashes and will last the longest. Lashes that are too long or heavy for your natural lashes will not last as long and may disrupt your lash cycle by causing your lash to shed faster. If you decide to go against your lash technicians suggested length and thickness, this will be noted in your file and we can not guarantee how long your lash extensions will last. 

You may think that your lash extensions are falling off, but in fact they are being shed. That being said, if you do no follow the care instructions it can cause the lash glue to become compromised and you may start losing your extensions prematurely.  If you examine a lash extensions that has "fallen off" you will notice that it is actually attached to one of your natural lashes. You may also think that you are losing more lashes than usual, but don't worry. Its just because the lash extension is longer, thicker and darker than your natural lashes so they are much more visible when they are shed. 

If you are having lash extensions done for the first time, and for a vacation, we recommend coming in 2 weeks prior to your departure date to have a full, dramatic set applied. Then come in 2-3 days before your departure date to have them filled in before you leave. This is mostly recommended for clients going on vacations to hot and/or humid. This way you have had some experience caring for your lashes and wont lose them as quickly during your time away. 

Lashes should be cleaned at least once a day with an oil free cleanser and a tissue or soft makeup brush. 

While you cant stop your natural lash from shedding, (nor should you) there are some maintenance tips that can ensure that your lash extensions last as long as possible:

- Try not to use mascara on your lash extensions. If you must then look for a water based product as oils will compromise the integrity of the adhesive

- Do not pick or pull at your lash extensions as this can cause your natural lashes to become broken

- Refrain from rubbing your eyes... this can be hard to get used to

- Use an oil free makeup remover around and over your eyes

- Avoid salt water and hot tubs

- Use a clean mascara wand to brush your lashes and keep them separated

- Use your lash sealant a couple times a week as instructed by your lash technician

Properly applied eyelash extensions will not damage your natural lashes. Picking, pulling, rubbing and generally being rough on your lash extensions could cause damage to your natural eyelashes making them appear shorter because they are broken. Your lash technician will be able to see any broken lashes and will inform you that you are being a little too rough on them. 

If/when you remove your lash extensions it can be quite a shock as you don't remember what your lashes looked like before the extensions. Many clients think that their natural lashes are shorter, thinner or more sparse than before they had the extensions. They are not, its all about perception. As long as you followed your care instructions your lashes will be in just as good condition as before the procedure. Your lash technician will take a photo of your natural lashes during your first appointment at Image Nails & Spa, these photos will be added to your file so you can reference them later on if needed. 

You can wear eye makeup with your lash extensions; however, we recommend using oil free products as the oils will compromise the glue and may cause your extensions to separate from your natural lashes. Clients who wear mascara on their lash extensions will generally lose them faster that clients who do not. This is because of the chemicals in the mascara as well as the removal and cleaning process. If you have a natural set of lashes but find that you still need to wear mascara you might want to upgrade your set to dramatic. Dramatic lash extension clients may want to move up to extreme if they are not satisfied with the fullness. 

Allergic reactions are uncommon and extreme reactions are very rare. If you have ever experienced a reaction to adhesives please let your lash artist know asap. A properly trained lash artist will use a very tiny amount of adhesive - almost invisible to the naked eye. The lashes are attached about 1-2 millimeters away from the base of the natural lash. Due to the oils in our skin, the adhesive does not adhere to the skin and will fall off within a few hours.

Our lash adhesive is a trusted brand that is also used for hair extensions and related adhesives. This glue has been formulated to fall within the United States' health guidelines. We find that this brand of lash adhesive is less abrasive on the eyes and that the fumes are minimal, eliminating the redness experienced by some clients directly after their lash extension service. 

We use a synthetic form of lash extensions which mimic the light-weight of mink lashes without the animal products or high cost. Our synthetic lashes are imported from Korea and are as soft and comfortable as wearing mink or silk lashes. We use these synthetic lashes because they hold their shape and curl better than mink or silk, give a fuller, thicker look that mink or silk and they are much more cost effective. A set of Mink lashes will start around $300 for a set while our synthetic lashes are available starting at $35

If you wait too long before refills, and you have little to no lashes left when you come in, you will have to pay for a full set to get to the desired fullness as our refills come with a set amount of lashes applied. 

If you only have a few lashes left on, put on mascara so that you can see where your natural lashes end then trim the extensions to match. Over the next few days if you wear mascara, the rest of the extensions will fall out. If you have a significant number of lashes to remove from another salon, please reach out to us for a consultation on lash removal in our studio.

Yes! Most lash wearers keep them on continuously while others get them a few times a year - for vacations, special occasions, etc.

No curlers or mascara needed! Eyelash extensions stay curly and give the look of mascara.

Yes, but you must bring a parent to your appointment to authorize consent for services or your appointment will be cancelled and charged. No exceptions.

Lashes are terrific for all special events! If you have never worn lash extensions, it is recommended that you apply a set about 3 weeks prior to the event. If you love them (you totally will!) return the week of the event for a touch up to make sure they're full for your big day and to make any style tweaks.

Yes! Gift Certificates are available at our salon. Gift certificates never expire and free lashes truly are a girls best friend!