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Longer - Stronger - Healthier Nails

Regularly-scheduled manicures and pedicures promote healthy nails and cuticles on hands, and prevent callus build up on feet. Moisturizing paraffin and soothing spa pedicures add extra pampering to your nail service. We specialize in Organic SNS Dipping Powder Manicure (such as SNS Nails Gelous Color) and other non-toxic nail products and services. You need healthy nails to have beautiful nails. Let us show you how you can have the best of both worlds! 


Out of the Ordinary

Not a Gel - Not an Acrylic

What Makes Dip Powder Manicures Different?

Our salon provides a dipping system that is natural and healthy to your real nails. SNS dipping powder has no odor, no liquid, no primer and no UV light. SNS is healthy for nails, unlike acrylics.

SNS Gelous Colors (powders) can be done on the real nail or on a Natural Set with the choice of Half-moon (French Color Tip) or whole nail. Gelous Colors will last for more than 14 days with a durable finish while having no damage.

SNS are much thinner, light weight, easy to do and most importantly, helps your nails grow out stronger and healthier by adding 4 different kinds of Vitamins (Vitamin E, Vitamin A, D3 and B5) and Calcium . It only requires 10 minutes to soak off in Acetone. SNS Products are Formaldehyde, Toluene and DBP Free.

  • Odor Free
  • Easy Application
  • Easy Removal
  • High Shine Finish
  • Completely Air Dry in 5-10 Minutes
  • No Liquid or UV Light Needed
  • Lighweight & Durable
  • Healthier for Your Nails with Added Vitamin E and Calcium
  • Looks and Feels Natural
  • Wears up to 3 weeks and is an Alternative to Gel Polish
  • Minimal Lifting, Splitting, Peeling, and Breaking
  •  Extended Wear Color Look with the Strength of Acrylic

No Chip Manicures

Most women can relate to the frustration of nicking a freshly groomed manicure while attempting to pull a pair of keys from a purse. Imagine your beautifully polished nails lasting up to 14 days. This cutting edge technology will provide durable nails and eye popping color that will last for weeks. Now you can have your No-Chip gel manicure as often as you would like, without damaging your nails, with our special NO-CHIP MANICURE. Our No Chip Manicures and Pedicures use a hybrid nail color, which blends the strength and high-shine finish of a gel nail treatment with the color selection and easy application of a nail polish. 

This new technology is a soak off gel applied like nail polish. It cures like UV gel and is dry right away. So no smudging, or mess ups. It also lasts for 2-3 weeks. That means no chipping or peeling. It is not damaging to your natural like like acrylics and it actually helps them stay strong and long with proper care.  It will not damage your nail so long as you soak them off properly. Do not peel them!  If you notice a nick in your nail or an area of the gel lifting, we recommend buffing or filing it down.  If you peel, you risk peeling your natural nail with it. It is recommenced for the salon to remove it.

gel no chip manicure at Image Nails & Spa